Lunchtime Menu

Small platesSmoked mackerel pate with toast £6.50. | Smoked salmon £6.95. | Portland crab £6.95.

(Vg) Breadbasket £2.50. | (Vg, Gf) Olive oil & balsamic vinegar syrup £1.50.

(Vg, Gf) Roasted vegetables 3.25. | (Vg, Gf) Home-made falafels £3.95. | (Vg, Gf) Guacamole £1.95.

(Vg, Gf) Home-made butternut squash houmous £3.00. | Beetroot and grain mustard salad £2.50.
Main coursePlease see our blackboards for our specials menu
SandwichesToasted New York deli sandwich £8.95.
Dijonnaise, shaved smoked ham, pastrami, sliced gherkins, sauerkraut, Emmental

Classic BLT £7.95.

Smoked salmon & cream cheese on toasted focaccia with watercress £9.25.

Four cheese melting sandwich, Wyke cheddar, cream cheese, mozzarella & Dorset red £8.95.

(V) Wyke cheddar & real ale chutney sandwich £6.95.

(Vg) Roasted vegetables & homemade butternut squash houmous sandwich £7.95.

(Vg, Gf) Beetroot wrap with guacamole, roasted vegetables and smokey beans £8.95.

Taste Rarebit crostini, local cheddar cheese & Dorset real ale, bacon & mushroom on sourdough £9.95.

Baked hash browns £2.95. | Coleslaw £1.95. | Beetroot salad £2.50.

(v) vegetarian | (vg) vegan | (Gf) Gluten Free

We use a wide range of ingredients in our kitchen, some of which may contain allergens.
Please let us know if you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement so we can let you know of the most appropriate food choice.


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Taste* Café will be the third eatery in West Dorset offered by local business owners Todd & Louise Moffat who opened its sister venues Taste Brasserie Dorchester in 2004 and Taste Café at Chesil Beach in 2014.

As a Member of Dorset Food and Drink, we aim to use and promote the very best of Dorset products from local independent businesses.

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