Collections Discovery Centre

This is where we look after our collection of four million objects.

Look through a glass wall onto our main collection store, and watch important conservation and curatorial work in our Conservation Studio.

Objects are stored in conditions that protect them for the future. We keep levels of light, heat and humidity stable, monitor pests such as clothes moths, and use special non-reactive materials to store and support everything. Our team of Museum staff and volunteers wear gloves to protect the objects they handle from substances on their hands.

We are busy documenting every item, to understand more about what we have, and unlock the stories behind our collection. Our Museum database helps us to record this information and keep track of every item.

Important Announcement

Friday 22 September 2023, The Victorian Hall will also be closed all day for a private function. The Fine Foundation Dorset Story Space, next the the Thomas Hardy's Dorset Gallery will also be closed for an hour around Midday.