The DNHAS has a long history of producing its publications.

Showcasing high-quality scholarship on a wide range of topics associated with Dorset, and making information both available and enjoyable.

The Society journal The Proceedings of the DNHAS has been published for over 140 years. The Proceedings is published annually and contains scholarly papers on all of the areas of interest of the DNHAS from geology to literature, art to archaeology.

We also publish an occasional series of archaeological Monographs. We have recently published the 24th and 25th in the series which has been running since the 1970s and has covered many iconic Dorset excavations.

The DNHAS Magazine is also produced by our publications team. It is published twice a year and aims to cover stories and news on all aspects of interest to the society in Dorset as well as Dorset Museum and DNHAS news.

We also produce a variety of other occasional publications, including the Dorset Museum gallery and exhibition guides.

All of our publications are available in the Dorset Museum shop. The DNHAS Magazine and The Proceedings are included in DNHAS membership.


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