Online Exhibition

Wildlife in the Red


The Wessex Museums partnership is pitching in against biodiversity loss.

‘Wildlife in the Red’ is the title of their virtual exhibition. The strapline is ‘Once collectors’ curiosities, now endangered species’ which sums up the story.

Our museums hold natural history objects that were once just seen as curiosities, but now many of these species are under severe threat, mainly due to human activity. They will include information about the conservation organisations that are fighting the loss or extinction of these species and crucially, how we can all help.

The exhibition launched in the digital format last year, and although there will be no ‘tour’ as such, some of the museums are mounting a display of their object or related items. Wessex Museums also put together an exciting programme of lectures throughout the year – one from each museum will be presented by a relevant conservation organisation or specialist.

The Dorset Museum theme is  “Bees – Perilous times for the pollinators of our planet”.

Once collectors’ curiosities, now endangered species

From birds to butterflies, flowers to fish… explorers once scoured the globe to find exotic species to display in museums or private collections.

Wessex Museums partner museums present a range of natural history objects. They tell stories of collectors and early environmentalists, but also of species that have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

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